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s all the news on the 46th Historic Winton race meeting to be held in North East Victoria and the Southern Riverina region at Winton, near Benalla

Winton anniversary displays announced

Story: Darryl Starr 
Photo credit: Ian Smith

ORGANISERS of this year’s 46th Historic Winton, which will be held on May 27 and 28 at Winton Motor Raceway near Benalla, have announced its anniversary displays.


Visitors to the event have been promised they will be amazed by the impressive array of vehicles celebrating anniversaries as old as 120 years.

The displays are on show, alongside the two-days of historic motorsport action, that people travel far and wide to see.

Organiser, Austin 7 Club President, Len Kerwood, said that both the official anniversary displays and the car park display of “pride of place” vehicles is always a sight to behold for spectators and competitors alike as fields of cars, emergency vehicles, old buses, trucks and motorbikes and the like stretch around the track. 

“It’s great to see that in amongst the anniversaries, three Australian milestones stand out, that of the EH Holden which turns 60, the  FJ Holden will be 70, and the anniversary of the start of the adventurous Redex Trials (sponsored by Redex and others) that saw cars touring the Australian countryside from 1953 – 1998,” Mr Kerwood said.

Clubs and individuals are invited to display their cars and motorcycles that reach notable milestones in 2023. 


The 2023 anniversary list:

120 years - Buick Motor Company, Ford Motor Company, Standard Motor Company , Harley Davidson

110 years - Morris Oxford Bull Nose, Aston Martin.

100 years - Alvis 12/50 , Amilcar CGS, BMW Motorcycles, MG, Triumph (cars).

90 years - Singer Nine, Morris Ten.

75 years - Land Rover, Morris Minor, Porsche 356, Vauxhall Velo, Vauxhall Wyvern, Citroen 2CV.

70 years - FJ Holden, 1st Redex Trial, Sunbeam Alpine, Triumph TR2, Lagonda, MG Magnette.

60 years - Corvette Stingray, EH Holden, Lightburn Zeta, Hillman Imp, Triumph 2000, Vauxhall Viva.

50 years - Leyland P76 

Other displays in 2023: Postie Bikes, Cycle Karts, Vintage Speedsters, Vintage Motorbikes.
Anyone wishing to attend with their anniversary vehicle/s should contact the Historic Winton organisers by email at                                   
Event and camping tickets are can be purchased at a discounted price online:     


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